Acupressure Methods for Horses: Short Online Course

Diana Thompson is a professional horse trainer, experienced college instructor, and an award-winning writer. She developed her acupressure skills during more than 30 years of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), training horses, and teaching horse owners. Questions about this program? Contact Diana in an e-mail: or phone call: (707) 542-4646.

Course Content
In the Acupressure Methods for Horses: Short Online Course Diana Thompson provides step-by-step instructions in how to accurately find 8 equine acupressure points and apply acupressure to them. The course includes three types of learning materials:

  1. Eight Online Lessons with 7 professionally-filmed videos (more than one hour of instruction), reading assignments, and printable Bonus Materials.
  2. 136-page Printed Book with 55 photographs, point location charts, uses of the points, and guidance in applying acupressure.
  3. Four-page Color Laminated Chart with point charts and an extensive Chart of Uses for the 8 Acupressure Points.

Click here to view sample video clips from the Online Lessons and view sample pages and a point location chart from the 136-page book.

The 8 points featured in the Acupressure Methods for Horses: Short Online Course are easy to find and they’re often profound in their influence. When acupressure is done on one or more of the points using the gentle hands-on methods shown in the videos and book, most horses relax into a peaceful state and positive changes take place in their bodies. In addition to clearly showing you the locations of the points and the methods used to activate them, Diana explains the many uses of the points according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Benefits for the Beginning Student and for the Experienced Practitioner
This program is an excellent choice for students who are beginning their education in equine acupressure. It also contains information and techniques from classical Traditional Chinese Medicine that will benefit students with prior experience.

Book was Tested Prior to Publication 
The book included with the purchase of this course is Acupressure Methods for Horses, Calm Your Horse, Support Health, and Improve Performance with 8 Powerful Points. Diana’s goal as she wrote the book was clear: the contents needed to teach horse handlers how to apply acupressure for horses in their home situations without her direct supervision and support. As a test, she sent a near final draft of the book to horse owners she’d never met who didn’t have experience with acupressure. They agreed to read it and try the methods with their horses. The book passed its evaluation. All of the testers were able to use the acupressure methods on the points to calm their horses and address various issues.

Here’s a quote from one of the horse owners in the test group:

“My horse is an extremely sensitive thoroughbred. He lets you know right away if he doesn’t like something. Remarkably, he relaxed with acupressure on six of the eight points in Diana’s new book Acupressure Methods for Horses. When I follow the how-to instructions in the book and touch the points my horse lowers his head and then he softens. I can feel him slow within himself. There is a softness and stillness that comes over him. Thank you for your work and the opportunity to learn from your book. This is a useful new resource that I’m adding to my horse care program.”
Kathy Kellison, barn manager, Santa Rosa, California

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you aren’t satisfied with the Acupressure Methods for Horses: Short Online Course let us know within 30 days of purchase. Ship the printed book and chart back to our office (clean and undamaged) with a copy of the invoice and we will refund your payment in full. The cost of return shipping for the printed book and chart is your responsibility.