Acupressure Methods for Horses Online Course Part One

Acupressure Methods for Horses Online Course (Part One)

There are four sections of study materials plus a Comment Box in Part One.
Click on the underlined links below to move back and forth between the sections.


Study the Classroom Lesson Videos before you watch the Point-finding and Acupressure Videos. View the videos in the order they’re listed. Let me know if you don’t understand something by typing your questions or comments into the Comment Box at the bottom of the page and sending them to me. I will help you by answering your questions and posting new materials as needed.


Once you feel comfortable finding the 9 points on your horse and applying acupressure to them, it’s time to start thinking about point combinations for longer acupressure sessions. As you study the recommended reading listed below, think about which points and point combinations might be helpful for a specific horse in your care.

Recommended Reading in the book Acupressure Methods for Horses:
Part Four: Point Combinations for Specific Issues on pages 81 through 103, and
Part Two: The Locations and Uses of Eight Points on pages 35 through 67.

Homework Exercise: Choose one of the Point Combinations from Part Four of the book to try on your horse and use the Acupressure Session Form to record the horse’s responses. After applying the points in this combination during 2-3 sessions, review the results to decide if you need to change the points. For instance, you could leave out one or two points your horse doesn’t respond to and spend more time on the ones he likes. You may also need to change one or more other details of the acupressure session including: trying a different location for session or experimenting with a different time of day, etc.

Homework Exercise: Choose a different Point Combination from Part Four of the book and repeat the process outlined above.
Note: Have fun experimenting with the points!! Keep your completed Acupressure Session Forms so I can assist you with any questions you have along the way.
In PART TWO of the course I will be teaching you a third method of applying acupressure and how to find and use 13 more points. The new method and the additional points will give us even more ways to combine points into sessions that focus on specific issues.

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