Acupressure Methods for Horses Online Course (Part Two)

There are six sections of study materials plus a Comment Box in Part Two.
Click on the underlined links below to move back and forth between the sections.


Welcome to Part Two of the Acupressure Methods for Horses Online Course!  I’m delighted to share the locations and uses of 13 new acupressure points with you. As with the 9 points in Part One, these points are some of the most important in the acupressure system. Other materials in Part Two show you how to use the traditional method of acupressure called Linking. This information helps you deepen the influence of the points, which further supports your horse’s emotional and physical well-being.   

Let me know if you don’t understand something by typing your questions or comments into the Comment Box at the bottom of the page and sending them to me. I will help you by answering your questions and posting new materials as needed

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