Acupressure Methods for Horses: Comprehensive Online Course

Diana Thompson is a professional horse trainer, experienced college instructor, and an award-winning writer. She developed her acupressure skills during more than 30 years of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), training horses, and teaching horse owners. Questions about the Course? Contact Diana in an e-mail: or phone call: (707) 542-4646.

Course Content
The Acupressure Methods for Horses: Comprehensive Online Course features 33 professionally filmed video lessons, printable charts, case examples, text documents, information on the uses of the points, and a library of bonus materials. Instructor Diana Thompson teaches students how to apply three different acupressure methods and accurately locate and work on 22 powerful equine points. She also explains core concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including an advanced method of applying acupressure.

Diana’s proven hands-on methods are easy to learn, safe to apply, and remarkable in their positive influence on horse health and performance. They give you the ability to use the gentle touch of your fingers to relax your horse, deepen your connection, and support physical and emotional health.
Note: The materials in the Course are divided into three sections. For more information on each section see the text at the bottom of this page.
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Support from Diana
The course is a self-paced guided class without tests. Study the course video lessons and materials on your own timeline and ask Diana for clarification or help as you need it. Diana answers student questions in the Q & A (Question and Answer), Case Reports Section section of the course and she provides other support to students as needed.
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Benefits for the Beginning Student and Experienced Practitioner
The course materials were developed for horse owners and caregivers who are beginning their acupressure education as well as those with prior experience. For instance, the videos in Classroom Lessons One through Five of the Online Course were filmed during the first day of an equine acupressure class at Diana’s farm. The students in the class included horse owners who were brand new to acupressure and those with experience in the field. Diana answers questions from each student and helps each one develop their skills.

Here’s a quote from a student who calls herself a newcomer to equine acupressure:
“Diana understands Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupressure inside and out. Although TCM is complex, she scaffolds assignments so that by the time we get into the complicated stuff, we know enough to understand. She is great at helping us make connections. She is also incredibly productive and generously shares pages and pages of charts and information that she has authored and vetted throughout her career. It would be very difficult to find and understand this information outside of class.”

Here’s a quote from an experienced acupressure practitioner:
Diana was very respectful of the experience and certifications I brought to class. Her teaching truly enriched my understanding of various TCM concepts. Even if one has studied animal acupressure with other teachers, this course will absolutely enhance one’s comprehension and application of this ancient art. I highly recommend Diana Thompson’s Equine Acupressure Class for anyone who seriously wants to learn. Diana is a gifted teacher and unquenchable learner – a passionate advocate for holistic health.”

Course Tuition: $279.00
All of the Online Course materials are available for you to view as soon as you purchase the course.
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Course Timeline: Unlimited.
Students have access to the Online Course for as long as the course exists. There are no ongoing renewal fees.

Required Text
The 136-page printed book: Acupressure Methods for Horses, Calm Your Horse, Support Health, and Improve Performance with 8 Powerful Points by Diana Thompson is the required text for the Comprehensive Online Course. It must be purchased separately by the student for course study purposes.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
All of the materials in the Comprehensive Online Course are available for you to view as soon as you purchase the course. There’s no risk in giving the Course a try because Diana offers a money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the Online Course, let us know within 30 days of signing up and we will refund your payment in full.

The Online Course materials are divided into three sections.
Part One
The Part One materials include six classroom lessons and 10 horse lessons, with a total of 18 high-quality video presentations. Printable point information and other written study materials are provided. In this part of the course, Diana explains core concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupressure. She uses classroom exercises and hands-on-horse examples to teach students how to use two acupressure methods. She works with two horses to show students how to accurately find the locations of nine powerful equine points and how to apply acupressure to them.

The videos in Classroom Lessons One through Five were filmed during the first day of an equine acupressure class at Diana’s farm. In these lessons, Diana presents lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupressure theory, and hands-on methods. She also guides four students — two beginners and two students with experience in equine body work — through learning exercises to teach them how to do acupressure.

Part Two
The Part Two materials include one classroom lesson and 14 horse lessons, with a total of 15 high-quality video presentations. Many printable point location charts and written study materials are included. In this part of the course, Diana deepens the student’s ability to apply acupressure by teaching them the theory and hands-on techniques of an advanced acupressure method. She demonstrates how to accurately find 13 additional equine points and explains how to use combinations of the points in the program – a total of 22 points – to support the horse in many different situations.

Part Three
Part Three is currently in development. Six new video lessons will be filmed in June, 2021, and prepared for use in the Online Course. Additional printable charts and text documents will accompany the new materials. The Part Three lessons will further explain theories of acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Yin and yang, the movement of qi energy in the channels (meridians) within the horse’s body, and the functions and relationships of the points will be discussed.

Part Three will also include information on how to create highly effective acupressure point combinations using time-tested TCM concepts. In Part One and Part Two, students learned how to locate 22 powerful acupressure points and use several hands-on methods, including an advanced technique, to activate them. The Part Three materials will help students effectively use these points to support their horse’s emotional and physical health and deepen their connection.