For use of the site

For new users please register first. 
1. Use the top navigation menu labeled “Login” 
2. Use the Registration part of the page
3. Receive in your email inbox your password
4. Use the same page ( on left side) to login.

For users who have enrolled in a class or purchased something
Use the login portion of the page instead of registering.
Enter your email address and use the “lost password” to 
get your new password, and use that for your login.
Proceed to Course Dashboard to lessons pages.

Navigate to the “Store” in the navigation menu to shop.
View different Courses and Books. Click on “Store” to view the shop list of different items.
To purchase click on the Add to cart button, or to view more information click on the product.
Click on any particular item to view more and use the purchase or add to cart buttons to add to cart.
You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase, you will have the option to choose a credit card.
Note: The Home Page links for each product will also take you to further information for purchase.

Once you are registered and logged in you will see a new menu item “Course Dashboard”.
Clicking on that you will see a list of courses and lessons ( see image below).

The Course Dashboard is an  expanded view of courses and lessons,
where you can navigate to your desired lesson by clicking on its title.

Once you are taking the lesson and reviewing text and videos, you are welcome to use the comment box to post questions to Diana. You can also use the red floating menu on the right-hand side of the lesson for navigation to visit the course dashboard, go to the store, contact Diana for questions and log out.
You can use the left sidebar to visit other lessons as well.