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Acupressure Methods for Horses: Comprehensive Online Course

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In the Comprehensive Online Course, Diana Thompson teaches students how to apply three methods of acupressure and accurately locate and work on 22 powerful equine points.

The course features 33 professionally filmed video lessons, printable charts, case examples, information on the uses of the points, and a library of bonus materials.

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Acupressure Methods for Horses: Comprehensive Online Course

In the Comprehensive Online Course, Diana Thompson teaches students how to apply three acupressure methods and accurately locate and work on 22 powerful equine points. She also teaches core concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including an advanced hands-on method of applying acupressure. The course features 33 professionally-filmed video lessons, printable charts, case examples, information on the uses of the points, a question-and-answer section, and a library of bonus materials.

Diana’s proven hands-on methods are easy to learn, safe to apply, and remarkable in their positive influence on horse health and performance. Her clearly presented step-by-step instruction gives each student the knowledge and methods they need to apply acupressure successfully to their horse.

Click here to view four sample videos from the Comprehensive Online Course.

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Comments from Students in the Course
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
All of the materials in the Comprehensive Online Course are available for you to view as soon as you purchase the course. There’s no risk in giving it a try because Diana offers a money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the Online Course, let us know within 30 days of signing up and we will refund your payment in full.

Required Text
The 136-page printed book: Acupressure Methods for Horses, Calm Your Horse, Support Health, and Improve Performance with 8 Powerful Points by Diana Thompson is the required text for the Comprehensive Online Course. It must be purchased separately by the student for course study purposes.
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4 reviews for Acupressure Methods for Horses: Comprehensive Online Course

  1. Leslie Fiering

    The Chart of Uses for the 8 Acupressure Points in the Online Course materials is brilliant. THANK YOU!! It takes so lo-o-o-ng to compile this much information and then consolidate it into such a succinct and useful format.

  2. Monica Goold

    Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful course.

  3. Sue Baudanza

    Sue Baudanza, Massachusetts:
    I highly recommend Diana Thompson’s Acupressure Methods for Horses Online Course. I’ve been amazed at the positive influence acupressure has had on the health of my horses as I’ve progressed through the class. I consider Diana’s course to be one of the very best investments I’ve made in the health and happiness of my horses!

    Thanks to Diana’s wonderfully clear and well organized teaching in the Online Course you will quickly learn how to support your horse’s health with acupressure. Diana teaches about points that help support the physical and emotional wellness of your horse and assist in recovery from injury or illness. She also demonstrates how to find and work on points that can be used during emergencies while waiting for veterinary help.

    For those who have no previous experience with acupressure, Diana’s initial lessons and videos address everything you need to know. She shows you how to stand, breathe, and other practical and safety concerns. Videos of Diana doing acupressure on different horses clearly show and explain how to interpret the horse’s responses during your session.

    The textbook explains the benefits of the acupressure points and the charts and video lessons demonstrate how to locate the points on the horse. The course material is so clear and comprehensive that you will be able to confidently begin doing acupressure with your horse, while continuing to learn more techniques and acupressure points as the course progresses.

    Acupressure Help for My Injured Horse
    Not long after I started the Online Course one of my horses began to exhibit signs of sacroiliac issues. He had this issue before, so I recognized the change in his gaits, and the need for chiropractic assistance. In the past, this issue did not resolve or improve without intervention, and on one occasion the sacroiliac problem was followed by a shoulder injury.

    Since there was going to be a long wait for the chiropractor I was very concerned about further injury. I began doing acupressure focused on tendon and ligament support, and sent a question to Diana through the Online Course Question and Answer page. I asked her advice on how else to help him.

    Diana’s reply was an incredibly comprehensive guide to the specific points that support tendon and ligament health. She explained how to use acupressure after an injury to facilitate healing and as part of a wellness program to prevent injury. After a few sessions of acupressure my horse’s gaits normalized.

    When the chiropractor saw my horse he was able to easily adjust the sacroiliac joint. He commented on this ease of adjustment as that is not always the case with my horse. When I mentioned the acupressure the chiropractor said he felt it greatly helped to prevent tightness and allowed for successful adjustments. It was such a relief to be able to help my horse in his recovery and to reduce the chance of secondary injuries!

    Diana posts questions with her answers and student case studies in the Online Course classroom. This material provides an excellent opportunity to learn from other students and be inspired by their acupressure success.

    When reading Diana’s website bio prior to taking the class, I was most impressed that much of her expertise was attained while searching for ways to help horses with very challenging issues. Her devotion to helping as many horses as possible is evident in the Online Course, both in the excellent materials and her time and care in answering student questions. The opportunity to learn from someone with her incredible depth of knowledge is invaluable.

  4. Ann Raabe

    I’ve been using Diana’s acupressure techniques from her Online Course with astounding success on my own small herd of five and the 62 equines at a local rescue in Olathe, Colorado, where I am barn manager.

    This is a rather conservative part of the world, and I am a healthy skeptic. But the “proof is in the pudding”, and the equines have resoundingly endorsed this method of healing. My mule, the toughest, roughest guy around, melts under acupressure. Many thanks and much appreciation from me and all my 4-legged friends.

    Ann Raabe
    Equine Massage Practitioner
    Whitewater, Colorado

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