2016 Level One Class

Leslie Fiering, California:

The Chart of Uses for the 8 Acupressure Points in the Online Course materials is brilliant. THANK YOU!! It takes so lo-o-o-ng to compile this much information and then consolidate it into such a succinct and useful format.

Monica Goold, France:Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful course.

Sue Baudanza, Massachusetts:
I highly recommend Diana Thompson’s Acupressure Methods for Horses Online Course. I’ve been amazed at the positive influence acupressure has had on the health of my horses as I’ve progressed through the class. I consider Diana’s course to be one of the very best investments I’ve made in the health and happiness of my horses!

Thanks to Diana’s wonderfully clear and well organized teaching in the Online Course you will quickly learn how to support your horse’s health with acupressure.  Diana teaches about points that help support the physical and emotional wellness of your horse and assist in recovery from injury or illness. She also demonstrates how to find and work on points that can be used during emergencies while waiting for veterinary help.

For those who have no previous experience with acupressure, Diana’s initial lessons and videos address everything you need to know. She shows you how to stand, breathe, and other practical and safety concerns. Videos of Diana doing acupressure on different horses clearly show and explain how to interpret the horse’s responses during your session. 

The textbook explains the benefits of the acupressure points and the charts and video lessons demonstrate how to locate the points on the horse.  The course material is so clear and comprehensive that you will be able to confidently begin doing acupressure with your horse, while continuing to learn more techniques and acupressure points as the course progresses. 

Acupressure Help for My Injured Horse
Not long after I started the Online Course one of my horses began to exhibit signs of sacroiliac issues. He had this issue before, so I recognized the change in his gaits, and the need for chiropractic assistance. In the past, this issue did not resolve or improve without intervention, and on one occasion the sacroiliac problem was followed by a shoulder injury.

Since there was going to be a long wait for the chiropractor I was very concerned about further injury. I began doing acupressure focused on tendon and ligament support, and sent a question to Diana through the Online Course Question and Answer page. I asked her advice on how else to help him. 

Diana’s reply was an incredibly comprehensive guide to the specific points that support tendon and ligament health. She explained how to use acupressure after an injury to facilitate healing and as part of a wellness program to prevent injury.  After a few sessions of acupressure my horse’s gaits normalized.

When the chiropractor saw my horse he was able to easily adjust the sacroiliac joint. He commented on this ease of adjustment as that is not always the case with my horse. When I mentioned the acupressure the chiropractor said he felt it greatly helped to prevent tightness and allowed for successful adjustments.  It was such a relief to be able to help my horse in his recovery and to reduce the chance of secondary injuries!

Diana posts questions with her answers and student case studies in the Online Course classroom. This material provides an excellent opportunity to learn from other students and be inspired by their acupressure success.

When reading Diana’s website bio prior to taking the class, I was most impressed that much of her expertise was attained while searching for ways to help horses with very challenging issues.  Her devotion to helping as many horses as possible is evident in the Online Course, both in the excellent materials and her time and care in answering student questions.  The opportunity to learn from someone with her incredible depth of knowledge is invaluable.

Ann Raabe, Equine Massage Practitioner
Whitewater, Colorado 

I’ve been using Diana’s acupressure techniques from her Online Course with astounding success on my own small herd of five and the 62 equines at a local rescue in Olathe, Colorado, where I am barn manager.  

This is a rather conservative part of the world, and I am a healthy skeptic. But the “proof is in the pudding”, and the equines have resoundingly endorsed this method of healing. My mule, the toughest, roughest guy around, melts under acupressure. Many thanks and much appreciation from me and all my 4-legged friends. 


Jane Winslow, Sebastopol, California
Having been a horse woman for over fifty years and a professor/teacher for over twenty three years, I can truly say Diana Thompson is exactly the person with whom I want to study. Diana is an exceptionally fine teacher. Her knowledge base is deep with years of real-horse examples that help the student solidify their understanding of the material.

During her Level One class, Diana didn’t just teach us the acupressure points and what they “do” she gave us training on how best to work with the horse, listening and tuning in to the horse’s body to utilize the points to best advantage. My new horse Isaac has some real issues. Diana gave me new, concrete skills with which to help him. The extensive hands-on practice during class also gave me the ability to use acupressure successfully on friends’ horses.

Diana’s facility worked very well. We were comfortable in the classroom, covered arena, and stalls in the barn. The horses were a lovely mix of ages, breeds, body issues and personalities, giving students a variety of experiences. The course materials were well organized so one could follow the copious amounts of material we were exposed to throughout the 9-day class (six days in class and three days of self-study). Diana created a space for the students to learn and grow from each other and the equines, helping each of us move at our own pace.

I feel very lucky to have found Diana and her wonderful course and study materials. Thank you for the work that you do and see you in the Level Two class!

G. Ostien, Minnesota
About a year before attending Diana’s Equine Acupressure Level One Acupressure course I attended a weekend class on acupressure. There were too many bits and pieces and I was lost. I came home and was unable to do acupressure with my horses. In order to qualify for Diana’s class, prospective students have to read a chapter of her acupressure class text manual. When I did this reading many of the pieces started coming together and I felt more prepared to delve further into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I decided to attend the Level One class even though it meant a trip from Minnesota to California.

During the class, the daily acupressure instruction and hands-on practice were really great; the class horses were very cooperative. The class lectures and reading assignments also helped bring me along to a very good understanding that I’m now able to use on my horses at home.
Thank you! I’m looking forward to attending the Level Two class.

Sarah N. Bertsch, Hudson, Wisconsin www.OptimalAnimals.com
My experience with Diana Thompson’s Level One Equine Acupressure Class in October, 2016, was absolutely worth the investment of time and money. My previous studies and certifications in Small Animal Acupressure allowed me to enter deeply into the learning. Diana was very respectful of the experience I brought to class; her teaching truly enriched my understanding of various TCM concepts. Even if one has studied animal acupressure with other teachers, this course will absolutely enhance one’s comprehension and application of this ancient art.

Diana’s farm is a wonderful facility and her assistants were important helpers in our learning sessions. Diana’s class materials are carefully developed and her books are now valuable parts of my library. The course is rigorous with significant reading and homework assignments. Daily sessions with our incredible horse partners allowed me to gain practical skills and valuable confidence. I was very impressed with my fellow students’ preparedness and dedication to making the most of every minute together.

The best part of learning with Diana is the way she teaches how to find specific acupoints. Her approach is very pragmatic and easily applied in actual sessions. My current equine clients have enjoyed the benefits of my learning, especially with moxa as we prepare for a cold Midwestern winter! I highly recommend Diana Thompson’s Equine Acupressure Class for anyone who seriously wants to learn. Diana is a gifted teacher and unquenchable learner – a passionate advocate for holistic health.

Elyse Lord, Cotati, California
As a relative newcomer to the field of equine acupressure, I was surprised to leave Diana Thompson’s Level One class in possession of real skills. I can now walk into any equine facility and confidently offer my ability to carry out an acupressure session. I also feel more confident in my ability to communicate with other people’s horses.

Diana understands Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) inside and out. Although TCM is complex, she scaffolds assignments so that by the time we get into the complicated stuff, we know enough to understand. She is great at helping us make connections. She is also incredibly productive and generously shares pages and pages of charts and information that she has authored and vetted throughout her career. It would be very difficult to find and understand this information outside of class.

Everything about this high-quality class (from the layout of the barn to the actual course materials) was designed to facilitate learning. Diana enforced course prerequisites and carefully matched horses with students so that we could focus on learning. The students were very motivated and we – and the horses we worked with – helped one another learn every step of the way.

For these and many other reasons, I highly recommend Diana Thompson’s Equine Acupressure Level One course for those who love horses and/or those who love working with horses’ chi to restore balance and improve function.

Chelsa L. Hamilton, Petaluma, California
Diana’s mastery of equine acupressure point locations and their corresponding Chinese Medicine uses is evident in her class lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and practice sessions with the horses in her spacious barn and covered arena. The well-being of the horses and students in the class is a top priority. Diana consciously and compassionately shares her vast experience in horse handling and the implementation of the use of the valued and effective tradition of Chinese acupressure.

It is obvious as the students poured through the meticulously prepared class material in the loose leaf binders and Diana’s self-authored textbook, that we were the blessed benefactors of the efforts of Diana’s generous heart and soul. Every detail of the written text and the photographs of the horses is presented with clarity and professionalism.

Shortly after I’d completed Diana’s Level One acupressure class, a friend’s horse developed colic and then had an ulcer flare-up, which required veterinary medical treatment. With Diana’s e-mail guidance for appropriate point selection, I was able to apply what I learned in class to assist with the horse’s care. My friend and her veterinarian noticed a marked improvement in the horse as a result of the acupressure and moxa sessions I was able to give him.

Gina Pardini, Booneville, California
The Level One class was amazing. I came away with so much knowledge, way more than I thought I would. I had no idea acupressure could help so many things. It’s actually quite overwhelming, but Diana does a great job of breaking it down into a simpler, more understandable topic. I loved how she gives reasons and uses for the points not just the points. There is also great detail in where the points are located, which I feel is important. Diana’s instructions are more direct and beneficial than just “laying your hand” over the general area.

At home after the class, I’ve had a great time playing around doing acupressure on points on my other horses and dog seeing what changes or reaction I get. My husband has even let me try moxa on his neck and shoulders a couple times. He was quite skeptical but was pleasantly amazed when it helped loosen things up. I’m looking forward to finishing up my Level One class externship study, working with Diana on horse cases, and taking the Level Two acupressure class.

“Diana Thompson is an amazing teacher. I have gained invaluable knowledge about acupressure, Bach flowers, and horses in general by attending her classes. This knowledge has helped me improve the lives of many horses. I used Diana’s acupressure point charts and the methods she taught me to help save a horse who was just about to be euthanized due to severe colic. The attending veterinarian and the horse owner were delighted.”
Saskia Mollet, Equistential Healing, California
Acupressure, Bach flowers and aromatherapy for horses

“I’ve been lucky enough to experience both private lessons and group clinics with Diana. I’ve benefited greatly from both. Diana’s ability to evaluate the mental and physical condition of horses is surpassed only by her ability to help others develop these valuable skills. She is truly the only teacher I’ve ever studied with who genuinely wants her students to surpass her skills.”
Janna Webster
Horse trainer and farrier, Colorado

Dear Diana,

I was in the Thursday class at the Santa Rosa Junior College that you taught recently as a substitute instructor. I wanted to let you know how your class in acupressure and massage is helping me with my horse Sasha, an Arabian gelding who will be six years old in April.

I ride Sasha on the trails and use dressage training with him in the arena. My goal is to compete in endurance events. Lately, I’ve been using the methods I learned in your class to help Sasha stay more connected with me no matter what we are doing. For instance, out on the trail when we would come up to something that was scary Sasha and would freak out and totally check out. We could not progress and he was unable to learn anything. I began using acupressure to help him come back to center. His favorite point is Pericardium 6 (PC 6). I would dismount and walk Sasha away from the scary thing and then use acupressure to calm him down so that he was reconnected with me. Sometimes I had to do this numerous times to get Sasha to pass whatever it was that scared him, a log, water, tarp, and such, in a calm manner.

As time passed and I worked with Sasha more and more I need to get off less and less. Now he’s to the point where if he gets worried I can touch an acupressure point on his neck while I’m riding and he will relax and put all his trust in me. Just a week or so ago I went on a trial ride with some women I work with and they were blown away with how calm and well behaved my 5-year-old Arabian was. They had no idea that Arabians could be so nice. They both ride Quarter horses. So thank you for all the knowledge you shared with me.

Sincerely, Sarah Hussey

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