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Bonus Materials
Printable PDF: The Basics of Balance. Improve Coordination – Teach Your Horse How to Use Diagonal Legs
In this four-page magazine article, Diana explains how to help your horse use diagonal coordination to stand comfortably on three legs and allow the fourth leg to be picked up for hoof care, stretching, or range of motion exercises. The article includes twenty high-quality photographs taken by professional photographer Pat Mitchell. Diana uses the photos to show you what diagonal balance looks like in the horse and how to do two ground work exercises to improve the horse’s ability to adopt this important movement in their day-to-day life.

Printable PDF: Dr. Bach’s Rescue Combination – Emotional Support for You and Your Horse

In this 34-page report Diana explains how to use the liquid flower essence called the rescue combination, also known as Rescue Remedy®, 5 Flower® Essence, and Five-Flower Formula™. The product is natural, easy-to use, inexpensive, and without side effects. Diana’s report includes quotes from experts, her experience using the formula for herself, human friends, and animals, step-by-step instructions with color photos, and real-horse case histories.
The rescue combination is used to calm the emotions of those who’ve experienced injury, illness, a terrifying event, and the loss of a loved one. It also works to soften emotional reactions to the fears and frustrations of daily life. Diana says the formula helps in many situations. For example, it’s helped her soothe frightened and injured humans and animals, keep horses calm in stressful situations, ease grieving people, and bring curiosity and joy back to a withdrawn orphaned foal.

Printable PDF: Emergency Acupressure for Horses E-book
This 21-page e-book is free when you sign up for my e-mail newsletter so you may already have it in your files. The printable pages show you how to use three acupressure points to help a horse who’s experiencing medical distress while you wait for your veterinarian to arrive. The three points in the e-book are featured in Video 9 on this page titled: 3 Emergency Points – Ear Jian (Tip of the Ear), Governing Vessel 20 (GV 20) and Governing Vessel 26 (GV 26).
The e-book includes printable charts of the three points with finding tips. These charts were originally published in my book Acupressure Point Charts for Horses, An Illustrated Guide to 128 Point Locations and Uses.

Printable PDF: GV 4 Charts with Illustrations, Photos, and Finding Instructions
This two-page PDF is from Diana’s 272-page chart book Acupressure Point Charts for Horse, An Illustrated Guide to 128 Point Locations and Uses. Two illustrations of the horse’s skeleton are marked with the location of Governing Vessel 4 (GV 4) and nearby bony landmarks. Two photos of a real horse show the point location and landmarks. One additional photo shows Diana applying the cupping method of acupressure to GV 4. The pages also include detailed finding instructions. Note: Two of the three photos in this PDF are included in the book Acupressure Methods for Horses. The third photo is shown at the beginning of the GV 4 Point-finding video, which is in the Part One materials of the Online Course.

Printable PDF: Vital Signs Color Chart
This one-page chart is from Diana’s six-page color laminated chart Emergency Acupressure Points for Horses. A horse’s vital signs include heart rate, respiratory rate, gut sounds, gum color, capillary refill, and rectal temperature, as well as his daily intake of food and water and daily output of manure and urine.Each function has a baseline reading that remains steady when the horse is healthy and increases or decreases when the horse isn’t feeling well. This one-page chart lists the baseline readings as well as measurements that indicate illness.

Printable PDF: ST 36 Charts with Illustrations, Photos, and Finding Instructions
This four-page PDF of point location charts for Stomach 36 (ST 36) is from Diana’s 272-page chart book Acupressure Point Charts for Horse, An Illustrated Guide to 128 Point Locations and Uses.
The pages provide photos, illustrations, and instructions on finding ST 36 from two different views of the horse’s body. ST 36 is known in TCM for its ability to support day-to-day health and build strength. It’s one of the primary points to use during any digestive upset, such as colic or a lack of appetite, along with the appropriate veterinary medical care.